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ABOUT Eibach

The foundation for today’s Eibach Group was laid in Germany by Heinrich Eibach in 1951. In 1967 the company was taken over by Wilfried Eibach who transformed it into a worldwide operating organisation. Today our third generation family-owned business has over 400 employees across the globe and develops, produces and distributes our products across 7 affiliates worldwide, namely Germany, USA, China, UK, Australia, Japan and South Africa.

The Will To Win

It’s our philosophy This is the essence of life, adventure and the enterprising spirit. It is the force within driving us to take on tasks and responsibilities and to grow with them. It is also the excitement and obsession for challenges - both sporting and professional. And what lifts us to new heights both personally and collaboratively with performance and success. It’s also the thrill of competition, the satisfaction of victory and accomplishment. But more important than an individual win, is the drive in each of us to do our very best—for the ultimate winning team. Eibach - The Will To Win.


Pro-Kit Springs Sportline Springs Sway Bars
Pro-Kit Springs Sportline Springs Sway Bars
  • The #1 Choice of Automotive Enthusiasts Worldwide
  • High Performance Handling and Aggressive Good Looks
  • Lower Center of Gravity — Lowers Vehicle 25-30mm
  • Extreme Performance Meets Extreme Style
  • Race-Car Like Handling
  • Lower than our Pro-Kit. Lowers Vehicle 30-50mm
  • Reduction of body roll when driving in curves and during fast changes of direction
  • Unimpaired spring comfort at bilateral spring deflection
  • Decreasing the load difference between the wheels inside and outside the curve
  • Impacting the under- or over-steering tendency positively (auto-steering behaviour)
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